Colors for my office backdrop

At the end of march I returned full-time to working at Planet due to all of the uncertainty caused by the COVID19 pandemic. Overnight I went from using video chat once every 2-3 months to multiple times a day.

I hadn’t done much painting in the last few months, and I wanted something simple to put up on my wall behind me, as my zoom video conference background. I had a few 6×6″ thick canvases that were stashed away waiting to be painted.

In my office I have a dual workspace. One desk for working+gaming, and another desk for art (where I can splatter paint and get messy). My webcam for video conferences faces my messy desk (which isn’t actually that messy… just artsy!). So I had the thought that it might be cool to fill my background with vibrant colorful art, which would serve the dual purpose of having a cool background for video calls, and some bright inspiration to have in my workspace. I spend like 8-12hr/day in that room, so might as well make it artsy/nice.

To get my art wall started, I decided to paint a paint 4 6×6″ canvases with simple color schemes that make me happy.

I remembered Gal Shir’s old medium post about the creation of ColorHunt, and how he spec’d out what the sizes/percentages were for color bars on ColorHunt, and I decided to give that a shot. Here’s a photo that he shared in his medium post that inspired my idea.

stolen from Gal Shir @

I browsed through colorhunt to find a few color palettes that made me happy, and came up with a quick mockup like this:

Then I started painting! Below are the photos that I took along the way. I still haven’t taken the time to hang them on the wall, but I’m super happy with how they turned out.