The other night I was watching some Rocket League on twitch. I noticed that the guy had some cool camera settings that were allowing him to hit crazy shots.

I decided to test out his settings, and they made a huge difference! I’m able to take good aerial shots, and have much better control of the ball. I’m kind of surprised these settings aren’t default, because the game is much more enjoyable with them.

Below are the settings, because I will undoubtedly need them again at some point:

    * Controller Deadzone:    0.05
    * Dodge Deadzone          0.35
    * Steering Sensitivity:   1.30
    * Aerial Sensitivity:     1.20
    * Field of view:          108ยบ
    Distance:                 270.00
    Height:                   100.00
    Angle:                   -5.00
    Stiffness:                0.35
    Swivel Speed:             5.00
    Transition Speed:         1.20
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