This evening I painted a concrete coaster. It turned outer super weird, but I was mostly exploring colors, and playing around with the tenhun style.

It could be the beginning of a see no evil, speak no evil, see no evil coaster set. But probably not, because it was kind of hard to paint on such a small surface.

I think I either need to start painting on larger surfaces, or get a really tiny brush that allows me to work on small lines. I had a bunch of trouble with the small details and lines on the face.

The other night I was watching some Rocket League on twitch. I noticed that the guy had some cool camera settings that were allowing him to hit crazy shots.

I decided to test out his settings, and they made a huge difference! I’m able to take good aerial shots, and have much better control of the ball. I’m kind of surprised these settings aren’t default, because the game is much more enjoyable with them.

Below are the settings, because I will undoubtedly need them again at some point:

    * Controller Deadzone:    0.05
    * Dodge Deadzone          0.35
    * Steering Sensitivity:   1.30
    * Aerial Sensitivity:     1.20
    * Field of view:          108º
    Distance:                 270.00
    Height:                   100.00
    Angle:                   -5.00
    Stiffness:                0.35
    Swivel Speed:             5.00
    Transition Speed:         1.20

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Hi Friends!

I spent my last few evenings learning about,, and trying to revive my personal blog. Things are still a little rough around the edges, so bear with me as I slowly customize the theme, and make things nicer.

I’ll write some thoughts in another post about why I’m getting back into blogging. But for now I wanted to say thanks to Danny and Colin who both inspired me to take the leap and to start hitting publish.

On the technical side

This time ’round I decided to roll with WordPress for my blog. I haven’t used WordPress for several years, but after doing a bunch of statically generated sites, and using Ghost pretty extensively; WordPress seems to still be the best option for straight-up blogging.

Another benefit of WordPress is the huge plugin ecosystem. For example, I was able to install a Indieweb plugin, get a brief overview of all of the related indieweb plugins, and install the ones I cared about. I’m excited about things like webmentions, and cross-posting via

For deployment, I’m using Trellis, and Bedrock by Roots. There was definitely a learning curve on these tools; but seeing as I’m entirely unfamiliar with the current WordPress ecosystem, I was pretty stoked to figure things out and get things deployed. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much these tools improved the deployment/management experience of WordPress. Especially using composer for dependency management and installing things in a sane/versioned way.

When I was choosing a theme to start from, I wanted to make sure everything plays nicely with microformats and all the fancy indieweb stuff. So I’m using “Indieweb Publisher” which you can learn more about on the wiki.

Hey @wakingideas, does this thing work!? Try replying, I want to see if it actually posts a comment on