Several years ago I learned about oblique strategies from listening to a talk from Joel Gethin Lewis. His talk was super inspiring for me, and it led me to building a website for oblique strategies that displays one at random. This project was one of the first things I built using ruby when I was first learning how to code, so even though it is extremely trivial to build, it holds a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately the site has long been dead. Until today! I performed some code archeology and revived the project – You can visit it by going to

The site was shut down a long time ago because it was running on Heroku’s deprecated aspen stack (first heroku stack). When I was building it ruby 1.8.7 was the new hottness, and sinatra had just come out. So to revive the site a lot of changes had to be made so I spent some time today modernizing the sinatra code, and making it work against new ruby (2.1.3) and deploying it outside of heroku on my own server.

I also took some time to update the style a little bit. The old version was very dark and hard to read. So I took about 10 minutes to wrap it in bootstrap — which makes it actually readable. Below is what it used to look like vs. what it looks like now.

Old vs. New

old is left, new is right.