The CloudTop: Tutorial

In the early days of chrome extensions (january 2010) Jesse wrote an extension called Chromr. The general idea was simple and awesome — every time you open a new tab in chrome the page is a full-screen photo that comes from Flickr’s interestingness API.

I worked with him on it to improve style and the project was renamed More Interestingness and moved to our shared github organization.

I think More Interestingness is my alltime favorite chrome extension — it has led to many great conversations with coworkers and friends. Unfortunately on June 27 2014 Flickr made their API only support HTTPS/SSL encrtypted requests. This change silently broke the extension and I’ve spent the summer staring at blank newtab windows in chrome 🙁

Today it came up in conversation and I decided to take a look and fix things. Since the last updates in May of 2012 a lot of things have changed in the chrome extension environment, and after a few updates to the manifest.json file I was able to get things back in working condition.

more interestingness

You can download the More Interestingness chrome extension from the Chrome WebStore: