Hello, my name is Jake Dahn and I'm a child of the internet.

I currently live in Boulder, CO with my wife Jessica, our cat Missy. I have a passion for starting random side projects and almost never finishing them, exploring the space, the internet, and the earth.

I started my career as a designer but quickly fell in love with programming. I was part of the founding team of OpenStack, and part of the NASA Nebula team.

I work at Planet Labs with a truly amazing group of people. I helped build the infrastructure required to process imagery from the largest fleet of earth imaging satellites ever operated, and now I'm working on building products on top of that infrastructure.

If you want to work with me and other amazing people please apply here

My Projects


Mustache.me was the first small hack-project that I made using ruby (sinatra). Over the years I've tried to improve it slowly - usually around movember.

visit mustache.me

More Interestingness

Chrome extension that fills your new-tab screen with a beautiful photo from Flickr's Interestingness API.

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A mac application that uploads your screenshots and copies the url to your clipboard. Also a pretty badass url shortener.

visit stsh.me


A project I built with my wife that lets mobile designers collect, curate, and research beautiful ux workflows.

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Oblique Strategies have always been an inspiration to me. One day I decided to build out an API / website to display random oblique strategies.

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