A quick history of Jake Dahn.

April 2005
Jake bought his first Mac.
August 2005
Jake bought a DSL internet connection (no more dialup!).
November 2006
January 2006
Jake wrote his first line of JavaScript.
February 2006
Jake started Hyperbole Design.
March 2006
Jake met CocoaDevHouse - designed, and built their site.
May 2006
Jake met 9rules and the fantastic people in the community.
May 2006 - April 2007
Jake learned how to write terrible php, and began making wordpress templates.
May 2007
Jake joined RandomShapes with an amazing group of youngin's who shock and awe the world to this day.
February 2008
Jake graduated highschool, began college.
June 2008
Jake met (and worked for) Grandpa-George - a web shop.
October 2009
Jake joined forces with Jesse Andrews to learn ruby, help maintain UserScripts.org, and work with open source software.
October 2009 - May 2010
Jake worked on many fun projects, here are a list of some of them: Mustache.me, GoodFuckingDatingAdvice, LifeRules.me, InspireMPLS.com, among other things...
May 2010
Jake met AnsoLabs - and began working as a contractor for NASA's Nebula Project.
March 2011
Jake graduated college with a bachelors degree in Web Design and Interactive media - a hybrid degree of graphic design and computer science.
April 2011
Jake joined Rackspace (AnsoLabs acquired) as a User Experience Designer (also developer) as part of the Rackspace Cloud Builders team.
May 2011
Jake moved to San Francisco to work along side the awesome folks who are part of the Rackspace Cloud Builders.
June 2011
FUTURE: Jake turns 21! - party dude.